Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) Computer Security & Forensics

About the Course

This programme was developed to meet the industry demand for IT security specialists with the knowledge and skills to conduct forensic analysis of modern computer systems. It provides students with a solid foundation in computer science, computer and communication systems, software development and managing security within an organisation. Course content will cover the security needs of networks, users and applications, together with computer crime, police and forensic methods, and legal requirements for collecting evidence. Students will be supported in developing the personal and professional skills that enable graduates to communicate effectively and to make a positive contribution in the workplace across a variety of roles and a wide range of organisations.

Students can take industrial examinations such as Cisco, Ethical Hacking, Microsoft and Java certifications. All students are automatically enrolled as student members of the British Computer Society the chartered body responsible for establishing and maintaining technical and ethical standards in the profession.

UoD Modules

Year 1
Computer Programming
Communication Systems
Computer Systems Architectures
System Development
Scholarly and Academic Practice
Logical Foundations
Analytical Methods for Computing

Year 2
Computer Forensics 2
Network Theory & Technologies
Network Security
Operating Systems
Systems Development Project
Professionalism in the IT Industry
Introduction to Smart Systems

Year 3
Computer Forensics 3
Project (CIS)
Elective I
Elective II

Smart Systems Development
Network Technology
Network Design and Implementation
Penetration Testing and Ethical Vulnerability Scanning
Web Application Development
Service Oriented Web Applications
Enterprise Server Management and Security
Computing Education Placement

MPU Subjects

Credit Subject Name Remark
1 HubunganEtnik* Must do 2
Tamadun Islam danTamadun Asia (TITAS)
BahasaMelayuKomunikasi 3
Pengajian Malaysia 3
2 Bahasa Kebangsaan A
Leadership and Life Skills
Leadership in Business
3 Comparative Ethics for Malaysia Choose 1
Malaysian Constitution
Issues of the Social Media on Malaysian Society
Career Pathways in the field of Behavioral Sciences in Malaysia
4 Co-Curriculum – Sports 2 Choose 1
Co-Curriculum – Community Service 2
Co-Curriculum – Event Management

Notes :
* For Local Students
** For International Students
*** Local students without credit for SPM’s Bahasa Melayu must do┬áPengajian Malaysia 3

Data Compulsory Subjects

Credit Subject Name
1 Reflective Practice
Listening, Reading & Writing Skills
2 Preparation for Career Management : Internship Programme
Industrial Training : Part 1
Industrial Training : Part 2