Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons) Advertising

About the Course

Advertising is an important part of the marketing effort of any organization. The role of advertising is to differentiate the product or brand from others, to inform, and to persuade customers to buy the product, by using all channels of mass media.

This programme covers the three important aspects of advertising: creative development, media planning and client servicing. It also covers the purpose and functions of advertising to an advertiser, advertising agency and media owners.

Career Opportunities

Graduates can expect to joint the workforce as account executive, copywriter, media planners of advertising agencies and media specialist firms and marketing executives in media organizations.

UoD Modules

Year 1
Islamic and Asian Civilization
Introduction to Communication and Media Studies
News Writing and Reporting
Photo Communication
Principles of Advertising
Elective I
Principles of Translation
Marketing Communication
Effective Speaking
Graphic and Creative Design
Elective II

Year 2
Third Language I
Co-Curriculum III
Business and Professional Communication
Ethnic Relations
Communication Theory
Communication and Research Methods
Advertising Copywriting
Consumer Behaviour
Third Language II
Media Law, Regulation and Ethics
Media Planning
Creative Strategy in Advertising
Interative Advertising
Elective III

Year 3
Third Language III
Scientific Techniques in Communication Research
Mass Media and Society
Political Communication
Advertising Management
Advertising Campaign
Global Advertising and Branding
Academic Writing
Practical Training

MPU Subjects

Credit Subject Name Remark
1 HubunganEtnik* Must do 2
Tamadun Islam danTamadun Asia (TITAS)
BahasaMelayuKomunikasi 3
Pengajian Malaysia 3
2 Bahasa Kebangsaan A
Leadership and Life Skills
Leadership in Business
3 Comparative Ethics for Malaysia Choose 1
Malaysian Constitution
Issues of the Social Media on Malaysian Society
Career Pathways in the field of Behavioral Sciences in Malaysia
4 Co-Curriculum – Sports 2 Choose 1
Co-Curriculum – Community Service 2
Co-Curriculum – Event Management

Notes :
* For Local Students
** For International Students
*** Local students without credit for SPM’s Bahasa Melayu must do┬áPengajian Malaysia 3

Data Compulsory Subjects

Credit Subject Name
1 Reflective Practice
Listening, Reading & Writing Skills
2 Preparation for Career Management : Internship Programme
Industrial Training : Part 1
Industrial Training : Part 2